PROGENY: Secure Electronic Records for Children at Risk

The PROGENY Secure Data System is one of the most unique and important tools available today,
enabling us to define positive destinies for homeless or otherwise endangered children.

An Electronic Record for Every Child

Our independently operated data system for children called PROGENY defines our proactive endeavors to make a difference. This highly secure system maintains a unique and comprehensive electronic record for every homeless or otherwise endangered child for whom we advocate. PROGENY helps secure the safety and welfare of forsaken children, and facilitates their placement in long-term foster care or adoption. In addition, PROGENY’s electronic medical records enable pediatric specialists to consult with local attending doctors, and arrange for them to receive new drugs and treatment for the children in their care. PROGENY can be accessed securely by pre-screened, authorized users such as doctors, child-welfare advocates, caregivers, and agents working in interdiction, all under the constant vigilance and monitoring of dedicated and highly-qualified personnel in our Central Operations Division.

PROGENY records also garner anecdotal testimony from rescued children, their caregivers, and other reliable witnesses or informants that is vitally important to our bilateral partnership with IACAC (the International Agency for Crimes Against Children). This shared information assists IACAC and law enforcement entities such as INTERPOL in the interdiction of child abusers and especially the transnational organized crime entities responsible for the commercial trafficking and exploitation of children. THE ENDANGERED CHILD INITIATIVE also plays an active role in the dissemination of information about missing children with its ALERTS section.

Each record with the PROGENY System includes:

  • The child’s current disposition.
  • The child’s complete biographical information.
  • Biometrics (such as fingerprints, iris scans, DNA, etc.)
  • Documentation encompassing the child’s nationality, family, and jurisdiction.
  • Current electronic medical records (including digital images and video such as X-Rays and MRIs)
  • Physiological and psychological evaluations by pediatric physicians.
  • A complete, unabridged history of the child, including any abuse or exploitation.
  • A carefully evaluated strategy for the long-term rehabilitation and welfare of the child.
  • Integrated sharing of data and intelligence with international law enforcement entities on all matters relating to abuse, trafficking, or exploitation.

We develop a unique strategy for the
long-term care & placement of every child

PROGENY records not only help secure the safety and well-being of endangered children; they also serve to facilitate the placement of forsaken children in long-term care or adoption. The ENDANGERED CHILD INITIATIVE uses data within the PROGENY system to evaluate and appraise agencies and organizations involved in foster care and adoption to ensure that reliable standards are being maintained, and that they are genuinely fulfilling their mandate to secure positive futures for disavowed children.

We vigorously advocate for justice on behalf of
trafficked, enslaved, or otherwise exploited children

While there are many non-governmental organizations worldwide tackling the issue of exploited and endangered children on both a local and international level, THE ENDANGERED CHILD INITIATIVE gathers, converges, and analyzes detailed, empirical information and data accessible by those dedicated to combatting child trafficking and exploitation, and the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless children. Our purpose is to provide a centralized system with accurate data and demographics on a global basis. This facility includes a rating system for the performance of governments in addressing the issue of homeless, exploited, and otherwise endangered children. This rating is evidence-based and demonstrable, and is independently gathered and not based on the representations of the specific governments being rated, nor of international treaty or human rights entities.

PROGENY records feed the International Agency for Crimes Against Children’s parallel system which gathers evidence and information for the interdiction of those who traffic, exploit, and abuse children. IACAC’s system garners anecdotal testimony from rescued children, their caregivers, and other reliable witnesses or informants all of which is vitally important in the interdiction of child predators and especially the transnational organized crime entities responsible for the commercial trafficking and exploitation of children.

We raise awareness of the many facets of children at risk through
education, public-speaking, social networks, & the international press.

PROGENY and IACAC together function to raise public awareness of the issue of child exploitation worldwide, and to solicit the public’s assistance in recognizing and reporting crimes against children. We conduct educational seminars for schools and universities, law-enforcement entities, and small to large-scale businesses. We are very active on social networks and are heavily involved with the international press.

One of our most important tasks is to educate people about the issue child exploitation in viable Western cultures—cultures that have the ability to actually DO SOMETHING about these most heinous of crimes. Most ordinary people don’t have a clear concept of how pervasive the problem of child sexual exploitation has become, and most feel helpless to do anything about it. But given the right tools, the public can become a crucial factor in bringing perpetrators of child exploitation to justice. This has been demonstrated in recent cases where IACAC or Interpol have broadcast images of child sex offenders who were subsequently apprehended thanks to tips from members of the public and the press.

We designed PROGENY as a fully-scalable & highly
secure tool using advanced & innovative technology

PROGENY is a fully scalable tool, and was designed not just for our own use but for all those involved in rescuing missing or homeless children, and the rehabilitation of trafficked and exploited children. The PROGENY System currently handles tens of thousands of children’s records, but can easily be expanded on an exponential scale. PROGENY can be accessed securely from any Internet connection anywhere by pre-screened, authorized users—doctors, child welfare advocates, caregivers, and agents working in interdiction—all under the constant vigilance and monitoring of dedicated and highly-qualified personnel in our Central Operations Division. PROGENY is also designed to consolidate information and collaborate with national and international agencies in the search for missing children.

We purposefully collaborate with credible non-governmental
organizations (NGOs) dedicated to the welfare of children

NGOs (non-governmental organizations) whose mandate is the welfare of children are, without doubt, our frontline partners in advocating for homeless kids and the fight against the trafficking and exploitation of children.  NGOs and other child welfare entities may apply to become an Engaged Partner with the ENDANGERED CHILD INITIATIVE and the PROGENY Secure Data System for children.

We also compile and share in-depth analysis of the credibility of non-profit organizations, the effectiveness of their campaigns, their funding sources, distribution, and where applicable their misappropriation. Non-profit or charitable organizations are rated for the benefit of prospective donors using empirical information—real data gathered directly by us—rather than information garnered from the organization’s public or tax records which typically do not provide an accurate picture of that entity’s credibility.

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